Here’s what Dwayne Johnson has to say about “Baywatch’s” not so amazing reviews

The Baywatch remake has unfortunately not fared super well with critics — as Newsweek puts it, “Not even Zac Efron’s abs can distract us from the fact that we are treading in shallow, shallow waters.” Ouch. The movie holds a sad 18 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But Dwayne Johnson isn’t letting the haters bring him down, and he’s throwing some sass back at the critics in the process.

He took to Twitter earlier today after the movie’s rating appeared on Rotten Tomatoes:

He also posted on Instagram, “We made #BAYWATCH? for THE PEOPLE. And you’re LOVING IT! THANK YOU!” with the following video featuring fans raving about the film:

He has since gotten some love on Twitter, with some users pointing out that not EVERYONE hated the summer flick. Sally Holmes, deputy editor of Elle, replied and linked their review of the movie titled, “Baywatch Is the Biggest, Stupidest, Grossest, Best Summer Movie” (LOL), while another user linked to a Time Out: New York piece, which gave the film four out of five stars and called it a “surprisingly fun and self-mocking comedy.”

During an interview with CBS, Johnson talked about how daunting it was to revive such a huge series.

“There wasn’t any fear in it but real awareness of the challenges we had. Look, Baywatch is the most successful TV show ever. It’s crazy and also, it’s an ’80s TV series, so there was a little bit of recognition of the challenges because when you want to present it today, with the movies that have been made from ’80s TV’s shows, you’re like, ‘Oh no, here we go!’”

But he assured CBS that they made it “fresh” regardless of the challenges.

We have some good news for fans of the film. The producers want to do a sequel! Producer Beau Flynn confirmed to Variety earlier this week that they already have a storyline ready. Fans couldn’t have hated it TOO much if a sequel is still on the table, right?