Here’s what Disney princesses would look like if Disney villains were their moms

We always knew Disney villains had a soft side. The villains we’re used to are cruel, cunning, and want NOTHING to do with the beautiful princesses only getting in their way —but what if things were different? What if villains were actually super maternal and cherishing and had the capability to love?

I know, I know —we’re dreaming super big here. Since it’s Mother’s Day and classic Disney princesses don’t actually have any moms (it’s theorized princesses don’t have mothers because Walt Disney’s own mother died — and he felt largely responsibly for that), we thought about how great it would be if villains and princesses had this amazing, close relationship with each other. Instead of wanting to uh, kill them, villains could instead serve as mother-figures and mentors. Drawn by our amazing illustrator, Maritza Lugo, we imagined what it would look like.

The Queen of Hearts would make sure Alice never fell down the rabbit hole, Ursula would encourage Ariel to be no one but herself (even if that meant becoming human), Snow White’s Evil Queen would have taught her to stay away from bad apples, and Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother would have totally gone shoe shopping with her.

Check it out:

Here’s little Alice and the Queen of Hearts having a magnificent tea party.

Ursula would have taught Baby Ariel how to swim above water, because that’s probably a tricky skill (and Ariel’s dad was probably having NONE OF IT).

The Evil Queen and little Snow White would seriously have the best time together. What little kid wouldn’t love a talking, magic mirror? 

And finally, Cinderella and her Evil Stepmother playing dress-up and being an all-around adorable mother-daughter duo. Awwwww.

 All images by Maritza Lugo