Here’s what Demi Lovato thinks of Joe Jonas’s engagement news

Yesterday was a big day for one of our favorite celebrity couples. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced they were engaged after about a year of publicly dating. While we think these two are great, we’ve got to wonder what Demi Lovato has to say about it.

Just the other day, Lovato admitted that she fell in love with Jonas during the time they filmed Camp Rock. Even though they only dated for about a month, she had nothing but positive things to say about him. Since Lovato is still quite close to the Jonas family, we’re figuring that things ended amicably.

The good news is that Lovato made sure to be incredibly supportive when the pair posted the news on Instagram.

Her response included a bunch of exclamation points. Since, that’s just what you do when a close friend posts incredible news.


While we’re so glad about the upcoming wedding, a few of Lovato’s fans admitted they were a bit sad that a romantic reunion between the two in the future would be much more unlikely.

What can you say? They had chemistry.

Lovato isn’t the only celebrity to send congratulations over to the pair. Selena Gomez made sure to wish them well, and on the duplicate ring photo that Turner posted on her own account, actress Sarah Hyland was all heart-eyes.


We can’t wait to hear more about wedding planning — whether it’ll be a big event or something a little more intimate, it’s bound to be lovely. We’ve got a feeling that Lovato might very well be on the guest list.

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