Here’s a video of 2 Chainz playing with $165,000 kittens that will make you so happy

For some mind-boggling reason, 2 Chainz has quite the calming effect on babies. So naturally, we’re left to assume that the rapper has an equally impressive rapport with newborn animals, right? If that sounds like a bit of a stretch, it’s actually not, because after watching this GQ video of 2 Chainz having a chill sesh with some super expensive cats, it’s clear that he’s a total cat person, thankyouverymuch.

But because he’s so different (yeah, he’s different), he’s not down to hang out with any ordinary cat, oh no, the cats 2 Chainz coddled are worth a collective $165,000.


Yep, we’re not even sure Oprah would buy these cats, but 2 Chainz seems super impressed by them. The brief clip opens with the rapper (who shall now be referred to as “Kitty Boi”) and his DJ getting acquainted with some adorable 9-day-old kittens called “Ocecats” due to their Abysinian, Siamese and American Shorthair blood and their uncanny resemblance to ocelots. Sounds like the perfect eccentric pet for a rapper with expensive taste because just one of the kittens happens to be worth an astounding $3000.


Then things get way too fancy for our tastes (and our bank accounts) when 2 Chainz meets another cat named Zena whose kittens are valued at $15,000 a piece. At this very moment, we witness 2 Chainz’s soothing effect on exotic cats come to a literal screeching end. The mama cat couldn’t care less about her cuddly offspring being worth more than a college degree — she just wants Chainz and his bro to get the eff away from her babies.

Given their ridiculous price tag, he’s more than happy to oblige and as adorable as these cats are, we can’t say we blame him.