How to use sticker packs in your messages app on Apple iOS 10

Apple is giving you new ways to express yourself on your iPhone. First, there are 72 new emojis, but there are also STICKERS! The stickers that are made available on the new iOS 10 are going to give you something new and fun to sink your teeth into. Now you can send funky stickers in text messages or place them into images and photos. They allow you add an extra layer of personality to your message threads and pass back and forth some goofiness with your friends. If you’re technologically challenged and you have no idea how to start going about this fun endeavor, don’t worry. The techies have explained it all for us, and it’s really a breeze to make happen on your iPhone if you update to iOS 10.

1. Open a conversation in your Messages app

2. Tap on the App Store icon on the bottom left, next to the text box, and tap on four dots to open your app drawer

3. Click the “+” icon

4. In the “Featured” section, tap “Get” or “Install” to download a sticker pack

5. Tap on “Manage” to install sticker packs that are iOS add-ons. When the toggle is turned on (or green), that’s when installation is complete

Just a quick note here: In your “Manage” tab, you can tap “Automatically Add Apps” to let all the iOSS apps with iMessage compatibility to install automatically.

6. Click “Done”!

7. To access it, open your app drawer (the four dots) or swipe left or right through your installed apps

And that’s it! Sending stickers is just as easy as sending a standard text message, but there are some cool features. You can layer them over incoming texts, you can use them as reactions to the things your friends send you, and you can put as many stickers on a photo as you want. This leaves a lot of room for you and your friends to mess around with a picture or making sticker collages.

If you’re still having trouble getting your stickers happening, here’s a visual aid to get the party started: