Here’s the truth behind this week’s Snapchat crisis

If you felt a strange disturbance in the universe yesterday around noon EST—a ghostly chill in 80 degree weather, the feeling you lost something even though you have your keys and cell phone, or maybe a sudden urge to call your loved ones—it wasn’t because the apocalypse was nigh. It was because Snapchat was down.

For a little over an hour on Tuesday, users of the app were experiencing weird bugs. Research has shown that Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the most important apps in teens’ lives, so this crashing because a huge issue really quickly. Twitter filled with complaints that the Stories feature would not refresh or display anything new on some phones.

For a group of particularly unlucky Snapchatters, the app malfunctioned so drastically that it appeared as though all the users lost all of their friends. It was any Snapchat addict’s worst nightmare.

On Twitter, users tried to laugh it off, but morale quickly plummeted.

Thankfully, Snapchat Support swooped in to save the day. After a little over sixty minutes of living in a terrifying, friendless vortex, users were reconnected with their Stories and friends.

Though this experience was harrowing for some, there may be a lesson to learn here. Perhaps we should take more time to be grateful for our friends and our Stories. You know how that old saying goes: You don’t know what you got … ‘till it’s gone. #blessed

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