Here’s a trick you can do to help ease your dog’s anxiety

If your sweet pup gets stressed by the crowds of people and loud noise of the holidays, musician Michael Tyrrell may be able to help. The artist and creator of Wholetones, a book and seven CD set that promotes healing and well-being, says that music of a certain frequency can help to ease a dog’s anxiety.

Tyrrell spoke to Popsugar about his work, noting that one particular frequency — identified using the Hertz unit of measurement, which consists of one sound wave cycle per second — seems to work best for calming dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, non-stop barking, or nervousness.

"Three-hundred-ninety-six [Hertz] seems to work like a charm for every dog so far that their owners have played that during stressful holidays," he says. "Animals are super sensitive to those frequencies and can pick them up even at a low volume."