Here’s what Tom Hiddleston does every single morning to get ready for his day

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch interviewed each other for Interview, and we’re still trying to process the overwhelming combination of delightful and handsome. They talked about their fears, they didn’t talk about T. Swift (though they alluded to her), and they also talked about keeping their energy up, especially during grueling shoots.

At one point, Cumberbatch asked Hiddleston, “Do you have a spiritual dimension to your daily life? If you're hitting problems in a day, do you have a routine? A mantra or something?

Our first instinct is that Tom Hiddleston probably dances for his exercise.




However, he answered Cumberbatch by saying, “You've got to do something, even if it's just to kick-start the day. I use music. And running. I find that, when I'm working, if I start the day with a run—outside, not in a gym, but just me out there in the elements, with only my own legs to propel me forward ... It's something to do with just being in the world and getting out of my own head.

While we do wish he’d said dancing, it makes sense. Hiddleston also said he’s just as disciplined about going to bed as he is with exercising, especially while working, because both are essential to his keeping his energy up on set:

“You have to be. You can't function. And it varies from job to job. On Kong: Skull Island, we were always outside. My character was a former SAS tracker, so he's sort of an ultimate athlete—I would always be able to just, like, run around and get my blood up if I was feeling sluggish.

We definitely want him to consider that dancing is another way to get the blood flowing. Basically, we want to see more of Tom Hiddleston dancing.


However, is seems as though running is truly his thing: “And the thing about running is, if I run in the morning before work, I feel like I'm ahead of the day. Whatever work I've done in terms of preparation or research or thinking about the scene or the character, it all kind of crystallizes in that moment in the morning.

That’s cool, Tom, keep running – we just hope you consider dancing *some* of the time.