Here’s what time you need to start watching “When Harry Met Sally” to have it *perfectly* sync up with the midnight countdown

Hey, are you still looking to make plans for New Year’s Eve? (Better late than never…right?) These plans don’t require you to put on pants or even leave the house, so tbh, they are the best New Year’s plans ever. All you’ve got to do is sit down on the couch (or lie down on the bed) with your good friend Hulu, and boot up When Harry Met Sally.

While there are many great New Year’s Eve movies, When Harry Met Sally is one of the *best* ones out there, because it ends with a countdown to midnight. If you don’t feel like hanging out with Ryan Seacrest tonight, Harry Burns and Sally Albright are a good alternative. And there’s a way to sync up the movie so the movie-countdown happens at the same time as the IRL-countdown, and this should become a new NYE tradition.

Also, you should watch When Harry Met Sally because Carrie Fisher is in it, so seriously, if you had other New Year’s Eve plans, cancel them.


As television writer and enthusiast, Margaret Lyons tweeted last year (and reminded us of again this year), if you want to sync up your countdowns, there’s an exact time to start When Harry Met Sally and it is:

10:30:28 p.m.

And okay, want to know the best part about these plans? When Harry Met Sally is on Hulu right now. (EDIT: It is not on Hulu anymore, but you can rent it on Amazon right here). You don’t even have to drive to a Redbox or buy it on Amazon to watch tonight! (But feel free to do those things if you want to!)

This is the most low-key, perfect celebration to end the trash fire that was 2016. Go get yourself some pecan pie and put it on your favorite wagon wheel coffee table, because Harry and Sally (and Marie and Jess) are waiting.