Here’s a sneak peek at Pippa Middleton’s elegant wedding invitations

Royal wedding bells rang for Pippa Middleton on Saturday, and we can hardly contain our excitement over her lavish affair. And now that we’ve seen the invites, the classic, timeless feel of the event makes total sense. We got a peek at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception invitations, and they’re as elegant and glamorous as everything else we’ve seen so far from her big day, from her gorgeous lace dress down to her lovely soft green and white color scheme. In short, Middleton’s marriage to former pro race-car driver James Matthews has been a fabulous affair.

Here’s a look at the elegant invitation to what was undoubtedly a wedding no one will soon forget.

Middleton’s wedding was all about the classic look; the younger sister of Kate Middleton went for timeless over trendy at every turn. Her wedding invitations, which echoed her color scheme of light green and white, seem deceptively simple on first glance — there’s nothing ostentatious or flashy about these invitations. In fact, they’re the perfect combination of informal and regal (which suits the bride perfectly).

But the use of bold block printing, which didn’t overshadow the delicate floral decoration on the side, coupled with the most charming detail of all — the fact that the happy couple’s last names aren’t used, they’re referred to only as “Pippa & James” — take these invites to another level.

Elegant, timeless, and understated: those are the best words to describe this invitation, and indeed the entire wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. We wish the new couple all the best. Our only complaint? Somehow, we didn’t merit an invitation to the wedding.