Here’s the real reason I can’t sleep

I think we’ve all been a victim to staying up too late on social media once in our lives, and I’m now saying “enough is enough!” After having to look at my bank statements of spending $25 a week on lattes to keep my eyes open I’ve decided, this week I’m going to bed early! And then I finally do it, I finally make it under the sheets cozied up and ready to head of into the land of nod before the clock strikes 12. But since, in the moment, I am so proud of myself, maybe now is the time that I #treatmyself to a little bit of social media to unwind and kickstart the dreaming process before I head off to sleep.

What better way to dream than to look at my crush’s Instagram, a few fashion pinterests boards, and then laugh away at Tumblr to relax from a hard day at work. Then low and behold, it’s morning again, and I have to earn myself a quick nap before I roll over and have to go to work again! I’m learning to keep my phone away from my bed these days so I actually get some sleep, but some days the social media is just irresistible!

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