Here’s your “Game of Thrones” proof that Brienne is totally into Tormund, too

Yara and Theon might have sailed away with a lot of ships during “The Door,” but they left one behind for us: The Brienne and Tormund ship.

Last night’s Game of Thrones was an emotional MESS. Honestly, did anyone even think it was possible that the show could somehow top last week’s episode, “Book of the Stranger”? Well, “The Door” did more than just floor us, because it completely ripped out our heart and crushed it into a million pieces.

In an episode packing such a one-two punch to the gut, it still somehow found a way to make us smile a little bit. Smile because Brienne is so NOT smiling, and that’s why we love her so much. As you know, because you’ve read your fair share of fanfiction this week, our new favorite Game of Thrones ship is Brienne and Tormund the Wildling. He’s totally into her. She’s not into him whatsoever.


Last week, Tormund ~sexily~ ate a piece of bread and we were all like WHOA, IS IT HOT IN HERE? Now this week, Brienne totally checks him out. Yes, for real. It happens so fast, and Jon Snow is also in the room, so you might have been so focused on him you completely missed it.


While Jon is discussing how he and his men are going to reclaim the north, Tormund walks in and takes a seat at the table. It’s then that Brienne lingers on him for just a few seconds TOO LONG.


And okay, okay, later on Brienne makes the best/most disgusted face at him, but listen, we’ve all been there before with young love. With the way these two are going, they are quickly shaping up to be Westeros Cutest Couple 2016.


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