Here’s why you should probably think twice about watching your ex’s Instagram story

Well, here’s some unfortunate news for those of you who thought you were getting away with creeping your ex’s Instagram Story (basically all of us, probably).

Instagram users who post stories CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHO’S WATCHING.


So if you’ve been snooping around certain Instagram stories that you probably shouldn’t be… STOP IT IMMEDIATELY! Unless you don’t care that your ex’s new girlfriend knows you’ve been watching her every move. You do you.

To find out who’s watching, just go onto your Story (you’ll find yours in the top left of the home screen) and swipe up. You’ll see the number of people who have viewed your Story as well as each individual. Wanna see how it’s done? Here’s my editor’s Instagram:

See that arrow? It’s pointing to “your story,” which is where you wanna click.


Next, you swipe up. You’re then taken to a screen that looks like this (some names have been mustache’d for anonymity):


Just like Snapchat, users can see just how popular (or unpopular) their stories are and exactly who’s looking at them.

Unlike Snapchat, however, you can actually go the profiles of people who you aren’t following. All you need to do is click the story and you’re in (if they’re using the Stories feature, they’ll have a purple ring around their profile picture).

But let’s not forget that they’ll be notified that you have watched it.


Also, you can block certain users from seeing your Stories (and they can do the same to you).


Remember the days when it was totally safe to snoop through someone’s Instagram without them knowing? Ah, the good ole days.

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