Here’s how much money Jennifer Lawrence made last year

When we look back at how much money we were paid in a year, we’re (hopefully) filled with a sense of accomplishment. Realistically, we also might be filled with the gnawing question of just how much of our yearly salary went to coffee and our Netflix subscriptions, but hey, necessities, am I right? If you’re one of the highest paid people in Hollywood, however, you are likely not as worried about just how much your daily iced lattes cost.

For Jennifer Lawrence, who Forbes reported as the highest paid actress of 2015, this past year’s income was a pretty glorious one. Reportedly, Lawrence brought in a grand total of $46 million before taxes. Alyssa Bailey at Elle suggests that Lawrence’s income is probably boosting her to the top of the chart between the success of the Hunger Games finale and an up-front fee for hew upcoming film, The Passengers. Shockingly, this actually isn’t the highest the actress has reportedly made: That was a whopping $52 million in 2014.


Lawrence recently made a big splash in Hollywood by talking about an issue that is often swept under the rug: The pay gap between men and women exists even between the highest grossing movie stars.

Lawrence wrote a now viral essay entitled “Why do I make less than my male co-stars?” and basically called attention to an elephant in the room. Of course, this issue is a very real problem for women, period, not just people in Hollywood. The pay gap looks especially severe when you view it with an intersectional lens, considering that female POC, for example, have an even wider pay gap compared to men than white women. That’s why it’s so important to remember that when we talk about equal pay, inclusivity is key.

When we fight on behalf of women and gender non-conforming people, it has to be on behalf of everyone, not just some of us.