Here’s the meaningful reason why Lorde mentions dancing so much on her new album

If you’ve listened to Melodrama then you’ll know that Lorde mentions dancing on the album a lot. Part of this is because the record is a semi-concept album about a house party and the hedonism of youth.

Indeed, if you’ve heard the single “Green Light” then you’ll know that it’s a proper dance banger, and like the Queen of Melancholic pop Robyn, the New Zealand born singer taps into that space where dance music meets emotions; Melodrama is an album about heartache, but it’s also about redemption and celebration, too, and it marks a departure from Lorde’s previous material that shied away from dance floor.

Yet, one beady eyed Lorde fan noticed that the singer discusses dancing many, many times on the album.

Taking to Twitter, a fan account highlighted all the moments in which the singer sings the word “dancing,” noting that the word appears before all of these moments: “on the light-up floor,” “with the truth,” “with all the heartache,” “with us,” “with our shoes off, to it,” “in my storm,” “in the living room,” “for me,” “i’m alright.”

After being made aware of her penchant for dancing, Lorde shared on social media why the theme came up so much, and it’s actually super meaningful.

“wow lol i didn’t realise it was at this level.. needless to say next record will move firmly away from dancing & explore new worlds :-),” she said in one tweet. false

She then gave her explanation.

"but right now i literally live to dance &i'm so proud to have written my thesis on it this time - it's religion/therapy/purgatory/heaven 🎆"


Like Lorde and Meredith Grey, we totally understand the importance of needing to dance it out, and it’s true that dancing can be a release from some of life’s difficulties and problems. It’s escapism, but it can also be euphoric and cathartic, too.

Elsewhere, Lorde also took to Twitter to share her experiences as a female artists in the music industry.

“god i’m proud of my work if u knew half the battles female artists gotta fight to keep it only magnificent for u,” she wrote. “i care for and respect you all so much. And love u with my whole heart. I’ll always do it for u. ???”  false

Meanwhile, Lorde recently announced a huge world tour in support of Melodrama. For tickets and info visit here.

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