Here’s how to make your eyelids look like Chanel bags

Nobody ever dreams of having bags under their eyes, but what about on top? There’s an eyeshadow look that resembles Chanel’s iconic quilted bags and it’s pretty fabulous. We mean… If you’re going to have bags on your eyes, they might as well be couture! At Chanel’s most recent runway show, makeup artist Tom Pecheux created a makeup look inspired by the fashion house’s signature handbag.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lindsey Wixson all sported this speckled eye makeup that is equal parts glam and edgy. If you’re in dire need of some makeup inspiration, you might want to consider trying this out.

Plus, the look is fairly easy to recreate at home. Just grab some micro fishnets like these, then take your makeup brush and a heavily pigmented eyeshadow like MAC’s Eye Shadow in Carbon, and gently apply the color to your lid through the fishnet, using the stocking as a sort of stencil.

Bonus: you can also play around with multiple shades to create an ombré effect. Want a mermaid-inspired look? Do it with shimmery greens and blues.

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