Here’s why Ipsy warned its customers about dry shampoo

Everyone loves dry shampoo. And why shouldn’t they? It’s fast, effective, and leaves your hair looking great. But there’s a dark side to this product — and it’s the reason why Ipsy warned customers about dry shampoo. Here’s what you need to know about one of your favorite beauty products, and how to protect yourself from a real-life disaster.

If left in the sun (or even an overheated area), cans of dry shampoo can explode. Why is retailer Ipsy raising the alarm about this concern? Because according to reports, at least six people who subscribed to Ipsy Glam Bags experienced some real terror when they left their bags in hot cars: their dry shampoos exploded. Luckily nobody was hurt, but that’s still not something you want to happen in your daily life.

Aerosal cans in general are flammable and should not be left in a place where they can get overheated, but it appears these cans of dry shampoo are particularly sensitive to heat. The Luseta can seems particularly finicky when it comes to a change in temperature — so much so that Ipsy finally sent out a message advising consumers on how to safely ditch this dangerous product.


On April 13, they emailed their customers:

“Like other aerosol products, this dry shampoo is flammable, so please exercise care: avoid fire, flame, or smoke during use, and protect from sunlight or heat.

And a few days later, they sent this follow-up: “DON’T PLACE YOUR GLAM BAG MAILER ON THE DASHBOARD OF YOUR CAR.”

Customers that confirm they disposed of the Luseta dry shampoo will receive an extra gift in their next Glam Bag for their troubles (and, we can only assume, so will the unlucky people who had their cans explode).

So does this mean your beloved can of dry shampoo poses a serious danger to you and your car? Will you have to swear off dry shampoo from now on? Not at all; just exercise some basic common sense regarding aerosol cans. Don’t put them in places where they can overheat, make sure to read all storage instructions carefully, and whatever you do, don’t leave them on the dashboard of your car.