Here’s how you can make your fave Starbucks drinks less caloric (if that’s something you want!)

Starbucks has some tips for doing the holidays right (and not going totally overboard), because seriously fall and winter is the best time for treats and delicious beverages. So if you want to enjoy your fave seasonal beverages while skipping some calories, we’ve GOT YOU.

Between these tips, amazing holiday beverages Starbucks announced this month, and the red cups returning, they’re spoiling us! (And we love it.)

The sugary toppings for most of these beverages can save you some serious caloric intake, so baristas recommend either cutting back or skipping them completely:

1. Ask for less pumps of syrup in your drink — less sugar and less calories!

2. Ask your barista for only a little whip to top of your drink, or even skip the whip.

3. Find out if your espresso or Frappucino-blended drink can be made “light” or “skinny,” which means it’s made with nonfat milk and doesn’t have whipped cream on top.

There’s more good news, too! Hold on to your favorite red cups.

The Starbucks drinks listed below are already 160 calories or less. The coffee gods are smiling down on us today, aren’t they?

1.Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew (110 calories)
2. Starbucks Vintage 2016 Christmas Blend Brewed Coffee (5 calories)
3. Teavana Joy Brewed Tea (0 calories)
4. Skinny Peppermint Mocha (120 calories)
5. Gingerbread Latte with nonfat milk and no whip (160 calories)
6. Chestnut Praline Latte with almond milk and no whip (150 calories)
7. Caramel Brulée Light Frappuccino blended beverage (150 calories)
8. Eggnog Light Frappuccino blended beverage (140 calories)
9. Gingerbread Light Frappuccino blended beverage (110 calories)
10. Skinny Peppermint Hot Chocolate (120 calories)

Sugary coffee goodness? Yummy holiday flavors? Less calories? I’ll race you to Starbucks!