Here’s how Tom Hardy is supporting the Manchester Arena victims

Our hearts were heavy when we heard the news about the Manchester Arena bombing. But we’re so happy to see so many people come forward and offer support. Tom Hardy is supporting the Manchester victims in quite a sweet way. The actor, known best for Mad Max and his role in the show Peaky Blinders, started up an online campaign to help raise funds.

Through the website JustGiving, Hardy is looking to raise £15,000 (which is a little less than $20,000) for The British Red Cross Society. At the time of publication, he’s already 67% of the way there. Hardy will be donating the money to the families of the victims.

"What happened last night at the AG concert in Manchester was a tragedy; families and children attacked and murdered; in a place where they should be safe and enjoying a concert," Hardy wrote. "It is an inconceivable atrocity."

Hardy acknowledged that while no amount of money can undo all of the damage done that night, the funds can definitely help families bounce back.

We love the fact that Hardy is so thoughtful. It’s obvious that he, like the rest of us, was quite shaken over the attack, which killed 22 and injured 64.

"Terrorism is abhorrent, the killing of innocent families and children unacceptable," Hardy noted. "And it is with those, the innocent victims and the witnesses of this atrocity that my heartfelt concern and deepest sympathy lies."

It’s a shame that such an awful event took place, but at least we can all find ways to help the innocent in moving forward.