Here’s how to throw the perfect election night party

We are facing high stakes at the ballot box on November 8, where we’ll decide our fate for the next ruler of the free world. But don’t let the seriousness of the day get you down: this Election Night deserves a party. Will we choose the first female president and a staunch advocate of pantsuits? Or will we choose the first reality star president and a staunch advocate of spray tans? Only time will tell. For now, we are all nervously awaiting our new Commander in Chief and gearing up for what is might the most nerve-wracking election night ever.

This election has been controversial, divisive, and undeniably passionate so emotions are sure to be running high on Tuesday night. If you are planning to sit around the television and watch voting returns come in, you’re not alone. But instead of going all doom-and-gloom on Election Night, why not throw a kickass party? There are definitely ways to make the anxiety you feel about the outcome of the election slip away — and they don’t all involve alcohol, we swear. So grab a few friends, give everyone their own Secret Service code name for the night, and prepare to be very confused by the electoral college and how the votes are tallied.

Here are some of our tips to to make Election Night something to remember.

Pick A Station

There are a plethora of options for election coverage, but choosing a nonpartisan news station can feel impossible. Save yourself the headache of disgruntled friends by taking a quick vote at the beginning of the night. “What do we want to watch? CNN? MSNBC?” Just make sure that you go with the popular vote, because friends don’t let friends let the electoral college-y situation mess with the remote.


Assign one person as Commander of Eats in charge of ordering food for the night. It’s like the Hunger Games, but with pizza. Will the voices of your election night party be heard? We’ll see. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Now we get to the fun part of the night: games. We made up some fun ways to pass the time as votes are tallied and states are announced.

Two Tweets And A Lie

Before the party begins, go through the candidates’Twitter feeds for outrageous tweets. Write the best (aka most cringeworthy) ones on index cards. Then go ahead and make some ridiculous quotes of your own and put those on index cards too. Each index card should end up with three quotes. Two should be real tweets and one should be a lie. To play this game, everyone sits in a circle and one at a time. When it’s your turn, pick an index card and read all three quotes aloud. You’ll guess which ones are the truth and which is a lie.

Electoral Deplorables

Hand out sheets of paper and have your guests guess the electoral college turnout for the night. This game will really test your political skills… and your feelings about swing states.

Crooked Catch Phrase

Act out and/or describe one of Trump’s or Clinton’s campaign catchphrases without using the words themselves. Example: “What word does Trump always use to describe Hillary?” Your guests will then yell “crooked!” The game goes on until you run out of words in a politician’s vocabulary. (Hint: there are only around 18.)

Citizens Depressed About Humanity

In this game, you just drink. And drink. And drink. Like hopeless citizens. Bonus points for the first person to get so drunk they Ugly Cry about the state of our nation.

If you’re planning on crashing in front of the TV with friends for hours upon hours next Tuesday, you might as well have fun with it. Just be sure to drink responsibly… and send your guests home in an Uber XL. It’s like having their own Secret Service detail.