Here’s how to completely remove politics from your Facebook feed, because sometimes you just can’t deal rn

Once upon a time, the most annoying things on Facebook were baby photos and engagement announcements. Boy have things changed.

We’re in dark times. Take a quick look at any social media platform and you’ll see that politics have taken over. And nothing is sacred: memes, videos, status updates from friends… everything seems to be about Trump.

And while we encourage you to stay informed about what’s happening, maybe you want to take a break for the sake of your own sanity? If yes, we’ve rounded up five ways you can block every political post from your Facebook feed.

1 Install An App That Blocks Political Posts

Social Fixer is a browser extension that you can install on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With this tool you can hide any subjects you don’t want to see, including politics. After you install the extension, a wrench will appear in the top right corner of Facebook. To de-politicize your feed, click the wrench icon > Social Fixer Options > Hide Posts and then add any keywords you want to hide (i.e. President, Trump, White House, Republican, Democrat, engaged, pregnant). When active, posts that mention those keywords will be hidden. The tool will show you that it hid a post and gives you the option to unhide the post.

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Social Fixer offers the added bonus of reverting your Newsfeed back to good ol’ days of a reverse chronological timeline, where the most recent posts show up first instead of an algorithm deciding the order. Be warned though: Social Fixer only works on desktop, so you’ll just have to avoid using Facebook on your phone or delete the app.

2 Unfollow People Who Post Their Opinions Without Care

We all have those friends and family members that constantly post their opinions on Facebook. And it seems like the more you hate their posts, the more Facebook shows them to you. You’ve thought about un-friending a few of them, but you’re afraid you’ll hear:

“So, why did you unfriend me on Facebook?”

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There’s a simple way to hide their posts without unfriending them. When you come across a post in your feed from someone you don’t want to see again, click the arrow at the top right corner of the post and then click “Unfollow.” You’ll still stay friends with the person, but their posts won’t show up in your feed. The best part? They’ll have no idea.


3 Completely Get Rid Of Your Newsfeed

If you want to feel inspired instead of stressed, then this could be your choice. You can install News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, an extension for Chrome, and it will replace your entire feed with an inspirational quote. No more posts, not even from your Mom. We’re not sure how useful Facebook will be once you do this, but was it ever useful to begin with?


4Block Facebook


Ever try to swear off Facebook completely and then two minutes later you’re right back at it? If you can’t trust yourself, then block yourself from accessing Facebook with LeechBlock. Say you’ve got a paper to finish writing for class but your friend just posted about Trump’s inauguration size. You can set LeechBlock to block you from the site for the entire day so you can finish your work. The app works with any website, so you might as well block Twitter while you’re at it. Unfortunately, this app only works with Firefox.

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5Go Nuclear and Delete Your Facebook

Just let go. Embrace the darkness. Delete your Facebook account. It’s fool-proof. It might be healthy for you, too! Think about how productive you’ll become. And if for some reason you want it back, you can always reactivate your account. It’s that easy.

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