Here’s how the “Orange Is the New Black” cast truly feels about their characters

If you’ve been binge-watching the latest season, you might be interested in hearing what the cast of Orange Is the New Black thinks about their characters. Was Taylor Schilling as frustrated with Piper as we’ve been in the past? How is Danielle Brooks handling Taystee stepping up her game in the last couple of seasons?

E! News sat down with the cast to get some information. Of course, they mentioned what they love the most about the strong women they portray.

For Schilling, she sees a lot of herself in Piper.

"I've come to love Piper," she said before the debut of the fifth season. "I love that she keeps trying, just like me."

 And hey, that’s definitely true. Whether you’ve loved or hated Piper’s “business ideas” of the past, she never seemed to give up.

Natasha Lyonne, who plays Nicky Nichols, is the most drawn to her character’s description that dates back to the very first episode — as a “junkie philospher.” In her mind, she loves that Nicky is always thinking.

A brief spoiler ahead, if you have yet to dive into this season. Brooks, in general, loves how the whole season progressed, but especially Taystee’s part in all of it. In her eyes, the fifth season was very “balls-to-the-wall” as far as the riot was concerned.

"There are so many things I never imagined her doing this season," she said. "Setting stuff on fire, that was so much fun!"

 Finally, Adrienne C. Moore, who plays Black Cindy, said that she loved how cool her character is. We mean, if you had to be in prison, Black Cindy wouldn’t be the worst bunkie to have.

Season Five of Orange Is The New Black hit Netflix on June 9th. If you’re behind on your seasons, this is the perfect time to catch up with everyone’s favorite ladies of Litchfield.

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