Here’s how a few ordinary rocks are helping spread kindness in Ohio

We’re always down for random acts of kindness — in any form. That said, we think it’s pretty unique that a Facebook group called Northeast Ohio Rocks! is trying to use something we find outside on a daily basis as a way to spread some positive vibes.

The group has over 65,000 members, and their mission statement is pretty simple: “We paint rocks and hide rocks as an act of random kindness and we pass it on,” the site says.

While this movement can be easily adapted anywhere, the Northeast Ohio group got its start due to a wise woman named Nancy Powell. She was inspired by her daughter-in-law, who had joined a rock painting group that was local to her.

Powell thinks that a lot of her group’s success comes from the fact that one painted rock can make the day of many people.

"We ask that finders re-hide the rock so that others have their days brightened as well," she said in an interview with News 5. "We ask them to pass on the random act of kindness."

One of our favorite parts about the project is that anyone can get involved. This is an extremely low-cost way to spread some joy, and help something shine brightly that’d normally get passed by. (Seriously — when was the last time you noticed an ordinary rock?)

Powell also pushed the fact that her group is extremely positive. Nobody is turned down, and everyone can partake — no matter what age.

"The group has impacted so many people because we all want to feel kindness. We want to give kindness. We want to share kindness. We also work very hard to keep the group positive and uplifting," she said.

In this day and age? That’s exactly what we need.

For those of you who aren’t in Ohio, consider joining a group that’s local to you. And if one doesn’t exist, you might want to start one up yourself. Not only will you have a positive reaction, but it’s the perfect activity to help you get ready for spring!

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