Here’s what ‘Home Alone’ would look like if it was a horror film

Brought to you by Bobby Burns, Home Alone: The Horror Trailer is quite the delightful fright. You get to experience your favorite ’90s holiday movie like you’ve never experienced it before: under your covers.

JUST KIDDING, it’s not too scary. How could it be? Little Macaulay Culkin in PJs taking down two devious burglars will always be adorable, no matter how you spin it. Watch this eerily edited version of Home Alone that parodies almost every single horror film trailer, ever. It’s got it all: the dramatic pauses, the heart-attack inducing music, close-ups of old-timey clocks, screaming, and creepy narration.

But the only thing actually scary about this is that Home Alone is officially 25 years old! Did I just make you get goosebumps? Watch and relive your childhood.

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