Here’s what Hilary Duff thinks Lizzie McGuire would be up to now

We often find ourselves wondering what our fave TV characters end up doing after their shows end, and now Hilary Duff has shared what she believes Lizzie McGuire is up to, and we can totally believe it.

The actress is currently on the promo tour for her hit TV show, Younger, which also stars Sutton Foster. The show is about to enter into it’s fourth season, and recently saw all its episodes arrive on Hulu (cue binge watching session).

Part of that promo involved dropping by MTV News to chat about the show. Of course, Hilary was quizzed about her iconic character during the interview.

One of the things that Hilary Duff shared was where she thought Lizzie would be now.

First, the 29-year-old said that part of why she signed up for Younger was because it held some of that “relatability” that Lizzie McGuire had. “[Lizzie] was the relatable girl that everyone wants to be friends with, and that’s who Kelsey [my character from Younger] is,” she said.

That’s not where the similarities between her two characters end for Hilary, however. While Kelsey might be making a name for herself in publishing, she’s still finding herself, which is something that the actor believes Lizzie would be doing, too. But that doesn’t mean that the two characters are the same person.

"I think Lizzie McGuire would be an intern still, like, dropping papers all over the floor," Hilary revealed.

This sentiment was echoed by Hilary Duff’s Younger co-star, Molly Bernard, who plays Lauren Heller in the show.

“Yeah, she’d be a mess,” Bernard joked.

While Hilary has thoughts about what Lizzie would be up to, earlier this month she shut down any chatter about a potential reunion or revival. Speaking on Good Morning America, she admitted that she doesn’t even miss the show.

“I don’t [miss it], but I loved it and honestly it prepared me for so much and I think – just like it hit everyone else when they needed it to at that time of their lives – it did the same thing for me,” she said. “I totally related to her, loved her, felt like I was her completely. It totally worked, she was just so relatable but I’m kind of glad to move on.”

While we’re definitely a little disappointed by this news, we totally understand where Hilary Duff is coming from, and get wanting to move forward with your life. Luckily, Younger is *really* good, so we don’t have too much to worry about anything when it comes to seeing her kill it on screen.

Younger returns today, June 28th, on TV Land.

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