Emma Stone’s personal trainer tells us how to get super fit at home, no equipment required

Beloved by A-listers including Hilary Duff, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Stone, personal trainer Jason Walsh is a notorious ass-kicker who can whip anybody into tip-top shape.

The trainer to the stars, who has been in the biz for about two decades, recently helped Stone get fit for her roles in La La Land and the forthcoming film Battle of the Sexes, in which she plays tennis legend Billie Jean King. He was kind enough to chat with HelloGiggles about working with Emma — and shared how all of you (and us!) can work out at home with absolutely no gym equipment.

“We do a lot of strength training,” Walsh tells HG. “Believe it or not, Emma and all of our clients get addicted to the strength training and getting stronger, because what they notice is that those body aches and pains, the things that really kind of nag and annoy you and keep coming back, they go away.”

He explains that at Rise Nation, his climbing-centric gym in Los Angeles (and soon to open in Cleveland), the focus is on building strength in the hips.

“If you can get the hips strong and the butt strong, the core is absorbed into that work,” he says. “The stuff that most people would stay away from in the gym, we really tackle that.”

As for working out with Emma? “She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met,” he says. “At the same time, though, she can be extremely focused when necessary, especially when training for a role. Deadlifts, hip thrusts, and even pull-ups kind of became her favorite.”

If you’re ready to start kicking ass like a celeb, check out three exercises below that Walsh says anyone can do at home!

Full-Body “Sled” Pushing

1. Stand about a body length away from the wall, then lean forward and put your hands on the wall. You should feel like you’re in a sprinter’s position on the starting blocks.

2. Draw your knees up to your chest, one at a time. Repeat eight to 10 times on each side.

3. Once you get the motion down, put pressure on the wall with your hands; imagine you’re trying to push the wall over. You should feel the pressure transferring from the foot to hand, hand to foot, throughout your body.

Hip Thrusts

1. Rest the top edge of your upper back/shoulders on a chair or couch, bending your knees at 90 degrees.

2. Keeping your chin tucked, lift your hips up, putting pressure through your heels by pulling up your toes inside your shoes.

3. Lift your hips until you feel your butt cheeks squeeze together at the top, but don’t hyperextend. Just lift until you feel the squeeze, then hold that squeeze until you feel a good burn in your butt.

4. Lower your hips to the floor, then raise them back up to the point where you feel your butt cheeks squeeze.

5. Repeat 20, 30, 40, 50 or more times.


Single-Leg Toe Touch

1. Stand on your left foot, resting your left hand on the wall for balance if needed.

2. Keep the knee of your standing leg slightly bent.

3. Raise your right knee and right arm, then begin to rotate your body towards your standing leg, reaching for your left toes with your right arm.

4. At the same time, kick your right leg back into the air.

5. Switch sides and repeat, eight to 10 times on each side.

You’re feeling more badass already, right? We thought so!