Here’s how to get your paws on the Churro Frappuccino at Starbucks

If you have no idea what a Churro Frappuccino is, allow us to blow your minds. While the drinks at U.S. Starbucks locations are enough to keep us happy most of the time, many Starbucks enthusiasts have been a little disappointed at the fact that there are simply way more Frappuccino options overseas that we just don’t get on our home turf. One prime example is the Churro Frappuccino, which is only available in Latin America.

Yes, you guessed right: This Frap tastes just like a cinnamon churro, and people are losing their cool over it. false

Before you start sobbing because we don’t have access to a Churro beverage at our local Starbucks (I feel ya), hang on for a second. Because we’re going to walk you through the instructions to order your very own Churro Frappuccino at whatever Starbucks you go to, thanks to Delish.

Here’s how the hack goes: First, order a vanilla bean Frappuccino, but ask them to blend it with cinnamon dolce syrup, white mocha syrup, and powdered cinnamon.

Then request that your lovely barista top it with a generous heaping of whipped cream with a caramel drizzle and dusted cinnamon on top.

That’s pretty much it. You’ve got yourself a Churro Frapp.

Drink responsibly (or don’t).