Here’s the full Taylor Swift wedding crashing video & the heart-breaking story behind it

When people dream up their “perfect wedding” it usually includes lots of music, laughter, and dancing. But never, even in your wildest dreams, does it include one of the biggest pop stars on the planet crashing for a cameo and personal serenade. Yet that’s exactly what happened during Kenya Smith and Max Singer’s wedding in Long Island this weekend when (none other than) Taylor Swift showed up and sang her hit “Blank Space” to the shocked couple.

According to a New York Times article, Taylor’s music had already been a big part of the love story of this couple. Max, a military veteran and outspoken Taylor Swift fan, lost his mother to an aggressive lung cancer the fall before the wedding. The couple quietly got married in a small ceremony in his mother’s hospice so that she could officially attend. Mother and son danced together to “Blank Space” (one of Max’s all-time favorite Swift songs) but there was no big walk down the aisle or exchange of rings. They weren’t even sure they would continue with the bigger ceremony they had been planning in June but eventually decided to just go for it.

Max was also in the midst of applying to graduate school programs before his mother passed. One of his essays had been crafted around Taylor’s 1989 album. He had apparently read the essays to his mother (at her request) before she passed, too. The groom’s sister, Ali Singer, made sure the essays along with their love story made their way to the pop icon.

Taylor caught wind of the story and, while some may have told her she’s insane, found a blank space in her schedule and decided to write their name.

Oh, and she also brought the couple a homemade, personalized gift crafted with the lyrics “So it’s gonna be forever” because of course she did. false

The fact that Taylor Swift crashed this wedding was already enough to make our hearts melt. But knowing how much it meant to this clearly deserving (and hugely devoted) couple makes us love every single thing about this story even more.

While lots of snippets have already been posted all over the internet, you can finally catch the full video which includes the end of the Maid of Honor’s speech, the gasping reactions of the stunned crowd, and the bride and groom adorably singing and dancing along. And, of course, T.Swift’s incredibly sweet serenade. Get your tissues ready and watch it here:

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