Here’s a “find the panda” picture that will actually challenge you

It’s official: Hidden pandas are taking over the Internet. Last week, illustrator and web comic artist Gergely Dudás shared the picture that started it all, featuring a single panda hidden among a sea of snowmen. After that pic went viral, he followed up with a sequel of a cat hiding amongst some owls.

Then, of course, the Internet went totally crazy and the “find the panda” spinoffs started. There was a panda hidden amongst KISS fans, and one hidden in a gaggle of Star Wars Storm Troopers. And now, we have a real-life hidden panda puzzle to solve, courtesy of… a thrift store?

Yup, that’s where Tracy Lynn Heightchew got this photo that currently hangs above her kitchen sink. It dates back to 1978, and was taken at a Junior Achievers National Conference in Bloomington, Indiana. Many of the kids in the photo are holding stuffed animals, and one of them is—you guessed it—a panda bear. Unlike its cartoon predecessors, this one might take a bit more searching!