Here’s everything we know about the brand new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” character, Rose

Star Wars news is flying out of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando at lightspeed. At the panel for The Last Jedi, we were introduced to a brand new character that plays an important role in the upcoming film and we are just so excited to see her in action.

Star Wars

newcomer Kelly Marie Tran will play “the biggest new part” in The Last Jedi. The character?  Her name is Rose and here she is looking epic:


Rose works as part of the resistance as a maintenance worker and according to Director Rian Johnson, she’s “pretty rad.”

So what else do we know about Rose? Johnson loves the idea of Star Wars characters becoming an “unlikely hero” (like Luke and Rey). Rose falls in that same category. She’s “not a soldier” and “not looking to be a hero” but ends up being pulled out of her average life into an adventure in The Last Jedi. Isn’t it nice to imagine a hero sweeping in and making your life super exciting all of the sudden?!

Also, Mark Hamill said that “if [Kelly] were any cuter she’d be an actual Disney cartoon.” And we have to agree, she’s adorbs.


Watch the entire panel for The Last Jedi below and get excited about the newest addition to the Star Wars family. Plus, you can watch Mark Hamill wax poetically and that’s always fun:

The Last Jedi will be in theaters December 15th and we’re so excited to see what adventure Rose gets to join in the film. It’s bound to be awesome.

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