Here’s everything we know about Julianne Hough’s Kenyan safari honeymoon

Earlier this month, Julianne Hough married her longtime boyfriend, NHL player Brooks Laich. The Hough-Laich wedding looked like a real-life fairytale, as the pair married in gorgeous Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The wedding took place amongst the state’s tall grasses, and now Hough and her bae are honeymooning in the tall grasses of Kenya at what looks like a magnificent safari lodge.

After pulling off a magical outfit change (from head to toe, literally) for her wedding reception, Hough and her new hubs have been living it up on safari. It’s probably safe to say that the blonde bombshell is wedding dressed out.

According to Hough’s Instagram, there are two items on her honeymoon agenda: relaxation, then adventure.

First, the couple started off their honeymoon adventure in Seychelles to show the world just how #GOALS life can be. Then, after they’d had enough lounging around the beach on the Indian Ocean, they traveled to Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

The couple is staying at Angama Mara, which means “suspended in mid-air” in Swahili. According to a rep for the luxury lodge, the property got that name because it “seems to float 1,000 feet above the Great Rift Valley, where, every morning, hot air balloons sail past the 30-foot-wide floor-to-ceiling glass fronts of each suite.”

One of the lodge’s reps gave HG an inside scoop about what exactly Hough and Laich have been up to (because Instagrams just don’t give us enough information).

"During their time on property, the couple has seen the annual great migration, spotted an elephant, taken in the vast landscape from a hot air balloon, and indulged in a breakfast bush picnic."

Umm, sounds absolutely spectacular.

It looks like they’re doing so much awesome adventuring, and we can only guess that Hough and Laich are feeling on top of the world.

The Angama Mara has two separate “camps,” each with 15 tented guest suites. This isn’t your average camping trip, however, as the lodge offers guided safaris, a 40-foot-long swimming pool, a curated gallery of African art, a craft studio and, of course, popular honeymoon activities, such as massages on the suites’ private balconies, and luxury picnics set up by the resort.

None of those really seem necessary when you have views like this, though:

It all just looks so fabulous and fun and we’re enjoying stalking the couple’s photos like a lion stalks a gazelle.

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