Here’s every single “Toy Story” character in one picture, and your childhood thanks you

Over three movies (and soon, a fourth), along with multiple made-for-tv-shorts, and video games, and rides, the Toy Story world is pretty expansive. It’s no wonder Andy couldn’t bring all his toys with him to college, he wouldn’t have had room for anything else like books or clothes…anything other than toys.

Not all these little play things have fit into every movie, so there’s no guessing what this group would look like when all in attendance for the annual Plastics Corrosion Awareness Meeting. While it’s something we can certainly hope will happen in the upcoming Toy Story 4, this isn’t a scenario we even have to imagine anymore — someone went ahead and actually put all the Toy Story characters together in the same picture.

Have you ever wanted a group of toys more in your life? Do you one day dream of having a bedroom just like this??


The image contains well over 300 different Toy Story toys, along with a lot of other hidden Toy Story ~things~, like the Pizza Planet Truck, a picture of Andy and his family, along with dogs Buster and Scud. There are a few missing, too, as the designer behind this, Michael, notes that “All of the claw machine aliens, dancing barbies, sunny side toys, bath toys and battlesaurs just wouldn’t fit!

Would it be a good idea to wallpaper your living room with this image, or the BEST idea? Check out a larger version of the picture here, which will have you searching for every single Toy Story character for infinity and beyond.