Here’s the Count counting all 10,000 numbers of Pi, because obviously

Sesame Street is synonymous with great children’s programming, and the knowledge we glean from watching travels with us far past those early years. Even as grown up people, we tune in every so often to check out the adorable roster of ever-impressive celebrity cameos (Neil Patrick Harris played a Shoe Fairy!). And now, drum roll please, if you have five and a half hour to spare, you can listen to Count Von Count count 10,000 numbers of Pi. The first number is 3, obviously. Spoiler alert: the last number is 7.

With some really impressive editing skills, one dedicated YouTube user edited together 10,000 different numbers in order for The Count to read Pi (I’m dying to know what kind of boredom this sprung from. Or, maybe he’s just a really dedicated Pi enthusiast). After each number, The Count laughs his trade mark Count laugh, because obviously.

The total running time is 5 hours, 30 minutes and 9 seconds. There are also videos in which the Count counts 100 numbers of Pi, and then 1,000 numbers of Pi, and last I looked, those videos have 816 views and 1,540 views respectively. 10,000, though? That’s got a whopping 43,962 views. YouTube’s view count isn’t the most scientific thing ever, but that does mean a whole lot of people have tuned in to check out just how many numbers The Count can count.

I remember as a kid there always used to be a competition in school to see who could recite as many numbers of Pi as possible, and I was almost always eliminated immediately. Now, if I settle in and try to memorizes the numbers with The Count’s help, I just might have a chance at beating the next 4th grader I come across.

So, if you’ve got the afternoon free, sit back, relax, and listen to The Count count over and over and over again. Or, you know, if you’re flying from one coast to the other, just put this on in the background. It will carry you through take off to touch down.

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