Here’s how you can watch the Presidential Debates online (for free) because no excuses!

Wondering what you should do tonight? Don’t worry, we have you covered: You should watch the Presidential Debate online (for free!) and we’re here to tell you exactly what your options are. Because sure, it’s Monday and you want to relax. We get that. That’s why you’re more than welcome to order in some take-out, open up your favorite ice cream, and watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face-off in a discussion of politics, current events, and the social issues of our time.

Because remember, everybody: The Presidential election is only a couple months away, so even if you’re not big into politics in general, the time to educate yourself on the candidates and their issues is now.

The debate begins tonight at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EST. You have a few options to watch it online, for free, and totally legally:

Stream it on Facebook

Facebook has partnered with ABC News to bring a live stream of the debates to the app and website. You can head to this link when it’s time to watch and react on Facebook.

Follow along on Twitter

Starting at 8:30 PM EST on Twitter, you can simply go to and follow along with live-time commentary from journalists, fellow politicians, and of course, fellow-tweeters while you watch the live stream on the other side of the screen.

Stream it with your favorite news sources

You also have the option to stream through your favorite news source. You have four main options: the NBC News one here, the Washington Post one here, and the Bloomberg Politics one here. You can also watch a live stream from PBS News Hour.

Alright, everybody, you have just enough time to get comfortable and brush up on your candidates if you start now. And remember: There are no excuses not to tune in! This is the the future President we’re talking about, here.

And while you’re getting ready to watch, take a sec to fill out this election survey People magazine put together to see who Time Inc readers are voting for and why. (Bonus: Once you fill out the quick survey, you’ll receive a discount code that will give you 20% off at the People Shop.)