Here’s how you can see who’s been messing with your Netflix account

The plot of a modern nightmare: logging on to Netflix, scrolling down, and then realizing that none of the programs under the Recently Watched category belong to you. Even worse: They most likely belong to someone you shared your Netflix password with… or a hacker.


So, how can you find out exactly who’s been taking over your beautiful Netflix content?

According to Digital Spy, here’s what you can do to fight for your right to Netflix:

  1. Go you Your Account.
  2. Under the My Profile section, click the Viewing activity link.
  3. Select See recent account access at the top.
  4. Take a look at the what, when, where, and how when it comes to who’s been using and abusing your account.

Now what do you do? What happens if you don’t actually know the person who’s watching a copious amount of rom-coms?


Well, you can start out by going back to My Account. Then, click on Sign out of all devices under Settings. This will kick out everyone who is using your account. Next, change your password so that person (or persons) can’t log back in. Also, make sure all your info is safe (change your other account passwords, check your credit card statements, etc.).

However, if it is someone you know… Maybe it’s time to lay down the Netflix law and explain that your Netflix must be treated like the prized possession it is.

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