Here’s a bunch of cats really, really confused by waterbeds. You’re welcome.

Public Service Announcement: Cats are very, very cute and funny when they confront waterbeds (and decide to start stalking them, because duh). While waterbeds may be out of fashion, clearly some still exist, and their very essence is quite perplexing to cats (and maybe to me, to be honest).

This video is a compilation of cats jumping on and hunting the ebb and flow of various waterbeds, which is hilarious. If you have a cat, then you’re probably very familiar with his or her neurotic, and hyper-aware instincts. Cats can get spooked by a piece of dust, so no wonder a moving bed is capable of freaking them out. Watch these kitties test the waters (Ha! Pun totally intended!) by pouncing, hopping, and swatting, and prepare to laugh for eternity.