Here’s how Beyoncé celebrated Prince’s birthday

Since Prince’s passing, a number of celebs and fellow artists have been paying tribute to the legendary musician in creative ways both onstage and off. On June 7, which would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, famous fans continued to celebrate his life. In between winning a CFDA award and causing the sneeze heard ’round the internet, Beyoncé sang a ballad in Prince’s honor, “The Beautiful Ones” which was featured in his 1984 film, Purple Rain.

“It’s Prince’s birthday today,” Bey said to the crowd, according to E! News. “We love you.” This wasn’t the only time Beyoncé paid homage to Prince through — she has been performing his hits throughout her Formation tour, and also covered “The Beautiful Ones” back in 2011.

In an interview with GIANT magazine, Beyoncé admitted she was nervous about her 2004 Grammy performance with the icon. “I was so scared and in my shell during rehearsals,” she said. “Right before…he just kept saying, ‘Don’t be scared. Come on, belt it out.‘ Because he could see that I was holding back in rehearsals…and I let it out when it was time.”

Prince also discussed the performance with Beyoncé in an interview. “I was really curious as to how much she knew musically,” he said. “I was really pleased to find out that she knew a lot about scales — mixolydian scales and Egyptian styles.” He also encouraged her to play piano, and said that if she learned the instrument, the sky would be the limit as to what she could do.

We’re sure Bey will continue to celebrate Prince as much as she can. In the meantime, BET announced that a Prince tribute will take place at the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday, June 26th. Prince’s longtime friend and protegé, Sheila E., will be performing alongside The Roots, D’Angelo, and Janelle Monae.

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