Here’s an idea: Wear your sandals with socks

There’s a special kind of bravery you need to find within yourself to wear sandals with socks. The first time I saw an adult woman wearing sandals with socks, I tried to chalk up what I was feeling. Was I intimidated? Was I jealous? Did I just want to trade bodies with her? With her white lacy socks paired with black Swedish Hasbeen clogs, she looked beautiful, effortlessly. FYI, it was on Instagram and I was stalking an ex of a guy who I knew a very long time ago. She’s very fashionable without meaning to be fashionable, and it kind of guts me.

But I knew she was onto something, and this was maybe over a year ago. What have I been waiting for? Today, a not-too-hot pre-fall September day,  I took my own black Swedish Hasbeens and slipped them on over a pair of striped GAP socks. Since I wanted my footwear to be front and center, I wore a high waist, short jean skirt (from Madewell, you can find a similar one here) and a plain white muscle tee. Perfect for the kind of weather that leaves your toes cold (but is still too warm for you to dig your boots from the back of the closet).



I’m not the only one who has decided to fully embrace the marriage between socks and sandals (specifically socks and Swedish Hasbeens, aka the créme de la créme of clog footwear). Others on Insta have been documenting their Kindergarten style-throwback, some wearing a solid color sock with open-toed sandals, others opting for something a little more patterned.

You can buy the exact pair of Hasbeens (the “Lacy”) I’m wearing here. But there are hundreds of different styles on Swedish Hasbeen’s site (although shop quick — certain shoes are selling fast because of their summer sale).

As for socks, here some with pom poms:


You can buy from J.Crew for $12.50.

And some with printed llamas.


You can purchase from Richer Poorer for $11.

Go ahead. Channel your inner Uncool Dad. Copy girls who make your heart skip a beat. Your chilly feet and your outfit will thank you.