Here’s what was actually happening during that “Game of Thrones” scene when Sam tended to Jorah’s greyscale

Game of Thrones isn’t exactly afraid to go there when it comes to shocking scenes but there was one scene in particular in the latest episode that straight-up almost cost us our dinner. Warning: spoilers for Game of Thrones episode, “Stormborn,” ahead.

After last week’s sneak peak at Jorah Mormont’s advancing Greyscale, the second episode of GoT gave us a full look at just how dire the knight’s situation is — and the answer is: Very. After a quick examination, Archmaester Ebrose woefully declared Jorah a lost cause — the Greyscale had spread far and insanity was looming — and offered Jorah a day to end his life.

Fancying himself to be a Westerosi Dr. Gregory House, our resident maester-in-training Samwell Tarly swooped in to save the day, interrupting Jorah’s farewell letter to Daenerys Targaryen.


After seeing a *possible* cure in an old book by a maester who later died from Greyscale, Sam decided that he had to at least *try* to save Jorah (As Jorah is the son of his former Night’s Watch Commander, Jeor Mormont, after all). Sam even risks contracting Greyscale himself! Man, these guys and their honor codes.

John Bradley, who plays Sam, recently broke down the scene for The Hollywood Reporter, walking us through the process of shooting the pus-heavy scene. He revealed that there were a *lot* of prosthetics involved. Iain Glenn, who plays Jorah, had to endure five hours of prosthetic attachment, in order for Bradley to chisel it off.

"Iain had to get up at 3 a.m. every morning we were filming those sequences," Bradley explained. "He had to sit there in a prosthetics trailer while they applied these really detailed and intricate greyscale prosthetics, piece by piece. That was a very long process. When I was peeling sections of that off, I was basically peeling the plastic latex prosthetic off of Iain's actual body."

The actor added, “He was kind of in a suit, and then there were a few parts with more give than what I could take off, which made it easier. It was the same as pulling away a prosthetic. It was a very, very big technical job for the prosthetics department. There were about five or six guys on set that day that you can’t see but were just out of the camera line, there with pumps and buckets of pus.”

TMI, John, TMI. The scene was one of the most difficult to watch but was definitely one of the most talked about moments of the episode. As queasy as the scene made viewers, it appears it was just as difficult to film. Bradley, revealed that the believability of Jorah’s blackened skin — and all that pus — didn’t make it any easier to film.

"As I was pulling away at the prosthetic, they were pumping away and releasing more pus through the prosthetic," Bradley says, of the technical aspect of the scene.  "It looked disgusting on the day, too. It looks disgusting even when you know it's latex and that there's a man nearby with a bucket filled with creamy gunk. It looks so disgusting. You look down, and you genuinely believe in what it can imagine that it's pretty grim."

We didn’t think the Citadel could get any grosser than that montage in the premiere but it turns out removing Greyscale-infected skin is grosser than chamber pots — definitely a sentence we never thought we’d ever have to say.

We’ll find out if Jorah is *actually* cured of Greyscale — or if the attempt was all for naught — next week!

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