Here’s a teething baby hippo enjoying a gum massage, which is the cutest thing that’s ever happened

Don’t even bother holding onto your hearts because they’re about to be stolen anyway. Only someone seriously committed to maintaining a grouchy lifestyle could look at this footage of a teething baby hippo and not swoon forever.

In case you haven’t already made her acquaintance, this heart-stealing animal that ~lurves~ a good, old-fashioned gum massage is none other baby Fiona, an adorable hippo calf that was born six weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in January.

Since then, she’s been a hit on social media. Thanks to regular updates provided by the staff members who have been instrumental in Fiona’s ongoing progress, we’ve had the pleasure of watching her blossom into a stable, healthy calf.

ZOMG, how sweet is she? And how about that coy-but-I-still-know-I’m-cute pose? Hippo slayage, FTW.

Just a few months ago, we got a major #FionaFix by watching the precious hippo take her first wobbly steps, and now she’s back to show us how it looks and feels to be treated like a baby queen.

"Fiona has some new incisor tusks peeking through on top!" the Cincinnati Zoo wrote online. "She enjoys the check & mouth massage, so it’s easy for care staff to assess growth."

GAH, what is this level of cuteness, and can we stay here forever?! We don’t recall having gum massages ever, but Fiona makes the experience look like heaven. Clearly, the slowly blinking eyes and head rolling are a hippo’s way of saying “Thank you very much. I approve of this ah-mazing massage.”