Here’s a peek at what’s inside Storybook Cosmetics upcoming Wizardry and Witchcraft palette

We live in magical makeup times. From Kat Von D’s Alchemy Palette to Rituel de Fille’s entire process, the beauty world is completely spellbound. For fans of both literature and enchantment, Storybook Cosmetics is dreaming up amazing products that are set to come out next year. Lucky for us, that could be only days to a few short weeks away. The brand has kept product release dates in the mystery genre, which is typical when it comes to first runs and small companies. We appreciate them taking the time to do things perfectly! Storybook’s first venture into eyeshadow, the Wizardry and Witchcraft palette, is closer than ever to being released, with the progress being documented on Instagram.

We have already seen the EXTREMELY pigmented swatches of the shadows and cannot wait to get our muggle hands on them.

They are so good, we almost wouldn’t mind them without the packaging! That is saying a lot, because the book-like palette is going to look amazing!

These magical shades have names reminiscent of all our favorite wizard and witch stories! From the rich, stone-like garnet of Sorcerer to the deep, shiny black Cauldron, we want them all!

No word yet on if the shadows will be released as singles (maybe a refillable palette?) in the future, but it looks like Storybook Cosmetics is including all 12 shades in the set.

Here’s hoping that the Wizardry and Witchcraft palette comes out sooner rather than mid 2017!

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