Here’s a new peek at what Storybook Cosmetics’ upcoming “Quill and Ink” set might include

We LOVE our potted eyeliner. It’s such a smooth way to apply the perfect cat-eye. We also love classic literature and fantasy worlds of old in which quills and ink were the texting tool of choice. It is only natural that we cannot wait to get our hands on the Storybook Cosmetics “Quill and Ink” set.

It looks like the set will be one of the first of the many coveted items Storybook will release this year, aside from their highly anticipated Harry Potter-inspired Wizardry and Witchcraft palette. They are getting even closer to finishing developing the product that will include a “quill” brush and an “ink” liner, and have released a mock-up of packaging — a tin box!

The proposed tin that will house the set is gold and royal blue, which is great because of how much writing Ravenclaws have to do! We’re assuming that Storybook will do a pre-order to gauge interest and probably fund production and shipment, similar to what they did when they released their wand brushes.

The magic-making triplets behind the company know what they’re doing. The products sell out faster that we can volunteer as tribute.

The Ink Liner will be the very first eyeliner that we see from Storybook. We are sure they are trying to perfect the formula for that magical eye potion.

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