Here’s a giant snake in someone’s toilet, in case you needed something new to be terrified of

If you hate all things slippery and scaley, prepare to look away, because we have two words that are basically the stuff of nightmares: toilet snake. Yeah, this video of a snake in someone’s toilet is freaking everyone out, and with good reason, because WHO WANTS A SNAKE IN THEIR TOILET?! No one, obviously. If you’re afraid of snakes, this is just further proof that you’re right to be.

This giant snouted cobra was found in someone’s toilet in South Africa, and it’s actually our worst fear.

It’s *so huge* we think we just might pass out. Like, holy crap, you guys! This is an actual nightmare. And it only gets worse, as if that could even be possible.

Yeah, it gets even worse… because they tried to catch the snake AND FAILED.

Somebody please come comfort us. We’ll never be the same again! This is literally *so* horrifying! Looks like we’ll never be able to pee without double (okay, triple) checking the toilet. We’d actually probably just burst into flames and spontaneously combust if we found something like that hanging out in our bathrooms!

We’re just going to cross our fingers and hope we never, ever run into any snakes this huge. Whoever recorded that video was brave AF. We would’ve run far, far, away, and never returned, TBH. No shame in our fear of snakes!

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