Here’s a genius way to pass the time while waiting for your sheet mask to do its thing on your face, because we know you get bored

If you’re anything like us, Sunday nights and sheet masks go hand in hand. But even for the most indulgent among us, that 10 to 20 minutes sitting around while our skin soaks up the suds can feel like an eternity! You can’t talk, you can’t eat. Seriously, what the eff else is there to do? According to celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, there’s only one way for you and your skin to practice productivity while you pass the time: yoga.

This week, Vargas told Vogue, “I use one of my own sheet masks almost every night and I’m not good at sitting around, so I do yoga to pass the time.” She added,

"I have found that doing downward dog makes my skin feel like I’m kicking my mask into overdrive. It’s no secret that yoga is good for your circulation and lymphatic system. I always see a big difference and I know my mask is penetrating better."

Vargas may be on to something. Practicing yoga regularly can flush toxins from the body, reduce stress, and promote restful sleep, all of which have an impact on the health of your skin. Here are just a few stretches you can try to increase blood flow to the face, improving skin texture, smoothing wrinkles, and reducing dullness:


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