Here’s a full clip of a musical tap dance number from “La La Land” to tide you over

The weekend has finally arrived — La La Land is in theaters! In case you can’t make it to the theaters this weekend, here’s a clip of a musical dance number from La La Land to tide you over until you can get there.

The retro film hits theaters today, but baby it’s cold outside — you know the Christmas song — so you might not be venturing out to the movies just yet. In that case, or if you just want to watch Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from your home by the Christmas tree, we’ve got you covered.

The highly anticipated musical movie is full of songs and dances that are sure to make you fall in love with this on-screen duo and the city of Los Angeles, but one song has our hearts already.

“Lovely Night Dance,” is just that, a lovely night dance, and a number you’ll want to watch on repeat.


In the scene, which you can watch below, Gosling and Stone’s characters, Sebastian and Mia, claim they are not into one another, but they are clearly lying. The two both say they are not in love with each other as they walk along a scenic route in LA.

The one thing they can agree upon is that it’s “a waste of a lovely night.”

Luckily that wasted night quickly becomes cause for a singing and dancing number that we are obsessed with. Stone in that gorgeous yellow dress and Gosling holding his wool, not polyester, suit coat, set the tone in the magical number as they dance in front of the sunset.

Mia even breaks out her dance shoes as Sebastian playfully kicks dirt on her.

The two then show off their tap dancing skills, and boy can they move.

Prepare yourself for falling even more in love with these actors and the romantic movie by watching this clip again and again. It’ll make your Friday better, we promise.

La La Land is in theaters beginning December 16th, 2016.

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