Here’s a $20,000 smart phone, and the perks that come with it are insanely luxurious

The temptation to keep up with the latest and greatest tech is relentless, but we think we can hold off purchasing a $20,000 smart phone. We’re only about that luxurious life in our imagination, so we had no idea such a thing existed until we watched this video of a Solarin Android phone being unboxed over at Unbox Therapy.

Honestly, the only way we’d feel remotely comfy owning this hella expensive yet super secure smart phone is if we could A) actually afford it and B) we were able to use it while flying in a $21,000 first-class airline seat because if you’re gonna go big, you might as well commit or go home.

One day soon, those words will be true, but until then let’s imagine for a minute what it would be like to own this phone IRL. According to the video, the Sirin Labs-produced smart phone comes in a fancy schmancy case, is trimmed in gold, has forward-facing speakers, a USB-C port, an international adapter and a switch that allows the user (aka our future selves) to instantly encrypt all its info.

Not to be (even more) shallow here, but did we mention it’s probably THE most attractive phone we’ve ever seen?

When you own a phone like this, you can forget about sitting on hold with customer service or chatting online because an actual human being will fly to your location, should your Solarin ever require troubleshooting.

Also, if family and friends think they’re gonna just call you from their totally ordinary phones, they have another thing coming. They won’t be able to unless you invite them via a link to a download that allows them to contact you.

Consider our minds sufficiently blown. Now all we need is the lifestyle to go with this smart phone and we’ll be all set.