With its #HereForYou campaign, Instagram wants people struggling with mental health to know they’re not alone

In a new (and amazing) campaign, Instagram wants you to know you’re not alone if you struggle with mental illness.

On Monday, the company launched #HereForYou, a new awareness campaign about mental health and how the platform can be used to connect with others, build community, and battle the stigma surrounding illness.

"Every day, people affected by mental illness use Instagram to share their stories and connect with support communities. From dedicated accounts tackling real issues, to hashtags of support and kind comments, Instagram has become an important community of support," Instagram wrote in a press release.

The campaign kicked off with a documentary-style video featuring three Instagram users and how they’ve used Instagram as a platform for supporting others.

"Through Instagram, I was able to connect with other girls going through similar things," Elyse Fox, creator of Sad Girls Club, said in the video. "My main thing is to bring girls together, and to let the girls know they're aren't alone."

In addition to the hashtag #HereForYou, the video spotlights other popular hashtags users can add to their photos when sharing experiences and connecting with others, including #EndTheStigma#RecoveryIsPossible#MentalHealthMatters,

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