Here She Is, Miss America!

NEW YOOOORK! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! There’s nothin’ you can’t do! Including, but not limited to, becoming Miss America. Over the weekend, Mallory Hagan of Park Slope (Miss New York) proved that Brooklyn goes hard and pretty when she brought the crown home to the Empire State for the first time since Vanessa Williams in 1984.

23-year-old Hagan, who ran on a child sexual abuse awareness and prevention platform, showed brains with her beauty when she was asked whether armed guards belong in grade school. Her response was honest and appropriate, showing sensitivity and smarts:

Also: Girlfriend’s talent was tap-dancing to James Brown’s “Get Up Off of That Thing.” Best. Ever. Mallory, can we be friends? I can’t tap-dance for shit, but I will totally take lessons if it means James Brown is involved.

So congrats to Hagan, who won a $50,000 college scholarship and brings the crown to New York for one full calendar year — Assuming there’s no nude photos in her skeletal closet. (No hard feelings though, Vanessa. Nineties adult contemporary music wouldn’t have been the same without “Save the Best for Last”).

Photo courtesy of ABC News