Here is the first look of the “Dirty Dancing” palette, and it totally looks like a VHS

Beauty brand Sola Look just so happens to be connoisseurs when it comes to creating movie-inspired eyeshadow palettes that are inspired by our fave films from the ’80s — remember the perfect Flashdance palette? When we heard that they were coming out with a Dirty Dancing palette we were beyond thrilled, and it looks like this VHS-shaped beauty will be out pretty soon!

You can sign up at Sola Look for news and updates about the palette’s release date, because you know we are going to want to be the first ones to get our hands on this beauty! The glimpses we have gotten of it have us thoroughly excited.

We aren’t surprised to see vibrant shades like the bright teal and purple that are so reminiscent of the ’80s, but we love that they also included paler hues that are evocative of the early ’60s, when the film actually takes place. The palette is soft and feminine while also ringing true to Baby’s strength and determination. We love it and can’t wait to see more!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a VHS tape in our hands, and this packaging just couldn’t be more on point! It’s a playful nod to the era of the film and we couldn’t love it more!

Sola Look is planning on making an announcement on the release date pretty soon, so we definitely recommend signing up on their site for updates as well as keeping your eyes peeled on social media! We want all the deets, ASAP!

We want all the deets, ASAP!

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Are you a Dirty Dancing die hard fan like we are? It’s become one of those films that is just in the zeitgeist, you know? If you grew up watching it, it’s just as much a part of your DNA as The Goonies and Care Bears! We just hope that next time it comes up on TV, we can watch it while wearing these lovely shadows!

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