Here are the most tense moments of the “Riverdale” Season 1 finale

Riverdale is the teen murder drama we’ve all been obsessed with for months, and now Season 1 has come to an end. But don’t worry, Riverdale ended Season 1 in typical OMG fashion. Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier than finding out who murdered Jason Blossom, it totally did. So here are the moments the Riverdale Season 1 finale that had us totally freaking out.

Archie and Veronica tell Betty they’re “semi-dating”

Now that they’re done solving murders, Veronica is ready to tell her best bud, Betty, that she and Archie are kinda a thing. But how will she take it? The moment, of course, happens in the cafeteria, where the chances of a public blow-up are high. We held our breaths, but Betty ends up taking it well. #thankgoodness


Jughead is changing schools, and no one is ok with it

It turns out that Jughead can’t stay with Archie while F.P. is in prison, so a foster family on the south side has offered to take him in. It all goes super quickly, and the commercial break immediately follows the news that Jughead is changing schools by the end of the week. How stressful!

Betty’s locker is covered in pig’s blood, Carrie-style

Betty has been doing some sleuthing and wrote an article defending Jughead’s dad. Apparently, someone in the school isn’t ok with that and threatens her by writing “Go to hell serpent slut” on her locker in freaking pig’s blood. The moment where Jughead has to hold her back is one of the most emotional of the finale.


Cheryl runs onto the ice, and everyone follows

Cheryl is understandably not taking the suicide of her father well. And when she decides to go “be with Jason” in the river, Archie and crew run to her rescue. The two minutes between her falling into the ice and Archie punching her way out are some of the tensest of the entire episode. And man, there’s all of that blood!!


The entire last five minutes, OMG

Archie and Veronica have the perfect night. Jughead dons a Southside Serpents jacket. Cheryl burns down her house. And just when it seemed like we might end up surviving the finale, a gun shows up in Pop’s, and WTF. The thief first holds the gun to Pop’s head (not Pop!!), but by the end of the very tense few minutes, Fred Andrews is seen lying on the ground, bleeding in Archie’s arms. And of course, that’s how the episode ends. What a cliffhanger!!


Luckily, Riverdale will be back for Season 2, so no need to totally lose your mind wondering what exactly is going to happen. Yeah, right! Let’s just say we can’t wait to get back to Riverdale and maybe get a hug from the gang.